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Wi-Fi Internet 802.11b Hotspot

We are Maine's FIRST registered HotSpot!

Wi-Fi Internet is the hottest news on the online scene this spring, with 'Hotspots' jumping up like daisies across the U.S. and abroad. It's front page news in Business Week, Barrons and other up-to-the-minute, leading edge publications, and Downeast Wireless, Inc. provides it for you here in downeast Ellsworth, Maine!

Downeast.Net, long-time leader in innovative online services, brought the Ellsworth community its first hotspot in the downtown area in the spring of 2003, and has expanded coverage to all of downtown's Main Street, to the corner of Main and High Street, for summer 2004 and beyond. Notebook (laptop) computers and handheld devices equipped with Wi-Fi (or 802.11b-compliant) cards can browse the Internet and check their mail via Downeast.Net's Wi-Fi service at Ellsworth Public Library (both indoors and out) and in nearby locations, extending to the outer area of Hancock County Courthouse and Ellsworth City Hall, as well as Main Street locations from the Union Trust Bank corner to the High Street corner. Call us at 667-7414 or for more details.

Are you interested in dialup service? Choose this link or visit our homepage at EllsworthMe.Com. Interested in our fixed 802.11 FH wireless service? Visit us at DowneastWireless.Net!

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~ Brief FAQ ~

How do I use this service?

You must alert us that you wish to use this service, then...

Your computer or wireless device must be equipped with an 802.11b ("Wi-Fi") wireless connection card.
  • Set your SSID to "any" or to "downeastwireless"
  • No encryption
  • Get IP address automatically (DHCP)
  • Infrastructure mode

What does Downeast.Net's Wi-Fi Service cost?

        10 hrs. / $10

Downeast.Net members get their first 10 Wi-Fi hours FREE each month! For all others, the cost is $10 per 10 hours Wi-Fi service.

A few words about security...

Hotspot connections and wireless communications in general are inherently less secure than hard-wired communications. The security of your data is your responsibility. You must be sure to use secure protocols for any sensitive information you intend to transmit. Downeast.Net and Downeast Wireless assume NO responsibility for any information compromised by use of our network.

Secure protocols include:
  • SSL-based websites using 128-bit key encryption
  • Secure Shell and Secure FTP
With all other Wi-Fi services available via our connection, you should in general assume that your data may be intercepted. Other services include the following:
  • Non-secure transaction webpages (general browsing such as your homepage, probably, news pages, etc.)
  • Most web forms
  • POP3, IMAP and SMTP email
  • Instant Messenger services

Downeast.Net & Downeast Wireless
P.O. Box 5093
102 Main Street
Ellsworth, ME  04605