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This is where we get to show off a bit!

This is where we get to show off a bit! Seriously though, folks, there have been some very pleasant things said about our EllsworthMe.Com site and the lofty goals we have for it - that it serve to be an economic development springboard for our downeast Maine area, and that it include as much of the 'real-world' community as possible, for the betterment of all concerned. We'd like to share some excerpts with you:

    "I liked your site when I saw it - nice design, real info - the way the web should be."
    - John Standish
    "Hello; I just found your site.. I've got to tell you, this is one of the best sites I have ever found on the net. Pat yourselves on the back because you have done good! I grew up in Maine .... Left twenty years ago [...] I didn't mean to stay away, but I remarried, and so here I am. I like it here, but Maine is home. Ellsworth, more than Bangor, is where I spent my time. The Bangor site is fine.... but yours gets a 10 star rating from me. Keep up the good work. I have made your site my home page. Thanks"
    - Arlene ".. in exile"
    "I was just searching around to find information about the town that I'm visiting this summer with my family - Ellsworth, ME. I found your site, EllsworthMe.com first and was very impressed by the wealth of information you provide. It's also very well organized, IMHO.

    Thanks for such a great resource. I can't wait to visit your state this summer! ;-)"

    - Beth Franz, Info Resources Coordinator
    American Textile Manufacturers Institute
    "i am enjoying EllsworthMe.com more than ever (especially the weather report ... ahhh breath of fresh air) and Ellsworth Weekly [...]

    "I'm using the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce pages (especially the day tours) to put together some travel guides for friends who will be visiting later this month. SO EllsworthMe is my 'home page' no matter where in the world I am. [...]

    "EllsworthME is - far and away - the best organized and [most] comprehensive page i've found [...] have a great Maine day, and so many thanks again!"

    - Andrea
    "'We are working very hard with the city and businesses to attract tourists," said Micki Sumpter, executive director of the Ellsworth chamber. Becoming part of the EllsworthMe.Com web page establishes the 'cohesiveness' that the chamber is looking for, she said."
    - Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Micki Sumpter,
    as quoted in the Ellsworth Weekly.

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